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With each product, a chance emerges to reaffirm and reinforce that trust.

AMBER Robotics is a leading robotics development and innovation company focused on providing easy-to-use, intuitive solutions in various industries of robots & automation.

Designed for Precise Robotic Arm & Dynamic Legged Robot
120Nm/kg--The leading torque density robot actuator
Quasi DD and 1 μm repeatability
Bioinspired Humanoid Solution delivered

Considering the extensive technological chain and intricate supply network inherent to the AI robotics sector, AMBER Robotics simplifies this complexity in order to forge a foundation of trust for our products and technological framework. We offer transparent component procurement and post-sales services, streamlining procedures and assisting robot developers in reducing procurement risks while expediting research and development efficiency.

Build-In-House AI robot technology, delivered

All robot are powered by the high torque & power density robot actuator.

Unlocking the potential of robot and automation

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Connected with AMBER great robot supply chains

The AMBER supply chains matter your robot project quality & efficiency.


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