DMU - Dynamic Motion Unit Series Force Control Actuator

AIOS & DMU Acuators Oct 28, 2022

AMBER Robotics specializes easy-to-use,modular & lightweight robotics actuators and multi-Axis robots for developing commercial applications, prototyping designs, and benchmarking algorithms.

The actuators below is designed for your talent robots. We provide the cutting-edge performance to meet your requirements.

AMBER DMU Series Actuator

  • DMU-95-120N
  • Check more model used on bioinspired humanoid,!
  • Up to 150Nm/kg torque density
    Force transparency & leading lower backlash
    1Khz control frequency
    All-IN-ONE designed for Legged robot

    Product Features

    • 50 Nm - 350 Nm peak torque capability
    • 24 ~ 48V compatibility & up to 150A current support
    • AMBER SMART feedback options
    • Custom windings & features available