AMBER B1, 3~5kg HybridControl Robotic Arm

AMBER Robotic Arm Oct 28, 2022
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AMBER B1 was designed as a powerful, yet a budget-friendly solution that brings the benefits of robotics into the hands of smaller businesses and individual users. The AMBER B1 collaborative robot arm is a reliable and capable helper that can simplify any complex task.
  • Easy to Use

[Casual - AMBER Robot Studio]

The intuitive interface of the B1's operation system, AMBER Robot Studio Software, all platforms supported and makes the command setting easily accessible for users without programming experience. By simply dragging & dropping the graphical icons like piecing together the puzzle, even children can create commands to control the robot arm.

  • 7-Dof Space Redundancy
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Kenetics performance

Gravity Compensation

A zero-gravity mode helps motion achieve equilibrium and reduces loads on the actuator for convenience operation.

Collision Detection

Motion pauses once a certain level of power or force is detected and resumes when resistance disappears without fragile sensors. As B1 supports this function, it guarantees the safety of human-robot interaction.
Each joint of AMBER B1 is proprietary AIOS (All-In-One Servo) that organically incorporates a brushless servo, a high torque density outer rotor motor, a high-precision Harmonic DriveĀ® reducer, and encoders into a compact size as 1/10 that of normal servo systems. AIOS strikes the perfect balance between power and size. Current, impedance, torque, velocity & position control modes are accessible for different tasks.