Lucid ONE, 1.5kg 7DoF Robot ARM

AMBER Robotic Arm Nov 2, 2022
  • Dead-simple control

AI intuitive control benefits from  the latest AI visual ranging and Inertial measurement technology. Using this AI visual, intuitive technology along with AMBER L1’s motion auto-correction for more precise movements, you never have to reorient yourself, just follow your intuitive flash ideas, AMBER knows what you’re looking forward.

  • AI intuitive controller & path planning

- The pioneering 6D stereoscopic vision+IMU technology

- Pixel grade precise trajectory sampling & recovery

- Native positioning, path planning and intelligence decision-making

- μm time synchronizing ability

  • Humanoid dual arm robot
  • Joint and Cartesian movement

AMBER Robot studio offers the native  joint and Cartesian control by dragging the status bar and inputing the value you desire.

  • Gesture & gamepad control

We provide multi-ways of control, AI intuitive control, gesture control, gamepad control, AMBER Master Studio control, ROS2.

  • AMBER Master Studio

AMBER Master Studio (AMS) is a cross-platform web-based tool that provides joints and Cartesian Control, Dragging to program, monitoring, and debugging functions for AMBER Multi-Axis robots and gripper.

Lucid-1 Specification